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Messiah College is dedicated to the glory of God. We do this by giving our students the best education possible.

Here at Messiah, we firmly believe that a Christian university should educate people to fulfill God’s purpose and vision for the world, that is, salvation through Jesus Christ. This is why we maintain a biblical and missions-oriented perspective in all our programs; this is why we view globalization and cultural diversity as springboards for spreading the Gospel through various careers; and this is why we focus on strengthening our students’ minds and character for leadership in the global workplace.

In order for us to accomplish our goal, we need people who are willing and committed to contribute significantly towards building up Messiah College and sending more Christian leaders to help reach the workplace with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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• Must be a Born-again Christian
• At least (2) two years of experience
• Willing to work full-time

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Head of Strategic Turnaround

• Must be a Born-again Christian
• At least (5) five years experience in Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, or Public Relation Officer
• Willing to work full-time
• Extensive skills in Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Brand Management, and Promotions

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